Our history

Lusan Productos Alimentarios

Lusan as a project

After 30 years of tradition...

Lusan as a project

"At home I serve the kind of food whose history I know."

- Michael Pollan

After more than 30 years producing our products in the market, Lusan Food Products saw the light in 2015. All this arose after a new generation decided to continue the tradition and create this new project itself.

This project is born with the illusion of continuing with the production and marketing of our usual products: cooked pork hands, cooked ear and nose, salted products for the broth.

Our goal

great products
for great tastes

From Lusan we decided to maintain that look at tradition with those classic products, but look for new options that retain the maximum flavour but with new approaches. Carpaccio of hands of pork, boneless hands, ear cooked in different variants, everything to be able to contribute to our clients our special taste and affection by our products and flavours.

For it we treat our product with the maximum quality and care, in a plant dedicated specially to the packed one, treating the product under the laws of demanded quality and always with the respect that this product deserves.

great products<br>for great tastes

Technology and tradition

Our Installations

Our Installations
With all the tradition

The latest technology

With all the tradition

One of the objectives of Lusan Food Products is to keep the tradition looking to the future. We seek to adapt these articles to the current market, trying to invest in development and research, to bring new products to market and so that our products are always healthier and more natural.

Our commitment goes beyond the commercial and that is why we are a company committed to the environment, always trying to be at the forefront of new technologies and processes that will allow us to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.

To carry out these projects we have created new facilities of 2000m2, advised by our engineers and health managers thus obtaining a platform adapted to our production flows and designed to reduce the maximum risks in food safety.

what our customers say

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