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Pork leg carpaccio pizza

A classic recipe


What dish can be more classic on the table than a good pizza? Few are the homes where this dish is not present regularly or sporadically, of all the options and with all the ingredients that you can imagine.

In Lusan Productos Alimentarios we could not be left behind and we have decided to make a special pizza. The ingredients are among its list with a product as ours as it is its flavour: pork leg carpaccio. With this unmistakable flavour, this pizza will be the unexpected surprise that every diner wants. Easy to use in the preparation, it will make your guests or your meals be surprised.

Pork leg carpaccio pizza

For 4 people


For the base:
150 grams of flour
1/2 glass of beer
30 grams of flour

For pizza:
1 envelope of Lusan pork leg carpaccio
Green pepper
Grated Mozzarella
Crushed natural tomato.

Let's do it!


To make the pizza base we put the flour, butter, salt and ½ glass of beer on a flight. Mix and knead until a dough is left homogeneous we cover it with a wet cloth and let stand for 2 hours approx. Once rested we spread flour to the table and with the roller we prepare to flatten the base because it is very thin (if we get hooked we add flour).

We put the baking tray upside down to heat the oven to 110 °.

With a pot of hot water we scald the green peppers for about 3 minutes and remove them, cut the onion into rings.

Once the oven tray is heated, we take it and put flour because it does not catch and the pizza base on top. We spread the tomato base, distribute the grated ​​mozzarella, sliced ​​peppers, onion rings and carpaccio slices. We put it in the oven until we see that the pizza is golden, we remove it and dress with a ray of olive oil and oregano.

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