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Pork leg carpaccio with nuts

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If you want to surprise your guests quickly and with the greatest of flavour, the recipe we propose from Lusan Productos Alimentarios is made to measure.

The classic carpaccio has always had great companions in the nuts.Our pork leg carpaccio is not far behind and its excellent taste perfectly matches with a variant of dried fruits chosen to taste.It seasoned with olive oil, it is a very simple recipe, perfect to make a great starter of great flavour quickly and easily.

Pork leg carpaccio with nuts

For 4 people


1 or 2 envelopes of pork leg carpaccio Lusan
Olive Oil
Nuts to taste (we recommend nuts, pine nuts and cashews)

Let's do it!


We put a pan with olive oil on the fire and add the nuts, fry them for 1 minute and remove them.

With a poplar paper napkin of this hot oil we spread the entire tray where we will serve the dish. We put the carpaccio slices on top, we put the nuts on top together with some tacos of quince, we dress with a couple of tablespoons of oil and some salt flakes

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